An article by Chriss W. Street (, May 2016), fortells the policy to be adopted toward UK pharmacists: “Pharmacists are members of what is ranked as the 13th-best paid profession, according to a U.S. News survey of 150 professions. They have a salary average of $120,950 and an unemployment rate of 1.6 percent. For decades, pharmacists have been responsible for making sure that prescriptions have filled with the right amounts of medicine, and for making sure that different medicines did not have adverse chemical interactions.

But over the last five years, the advent of big data and artificial intelligence have now matured to the point where doctors now trust robots (with human supervision) to outperform pharmacists”.

Street quotes Dr. Marilyn Stebbins, “UCSF Medical Center has relied on an automated ‘robot pharmacy’ to fill prescriptions, and a fleet of thousands of autonomous bots to deliver them.” … “It’s a perfect job for a robot: a repetitive and mundane task.” She stated, “automation has led to the ability for us to reinvent ourselves as a profession, and we need to take the challenge.”

An article in the Sunday express (1/8/2017, “Secret government plan to replace pharmacists with less-qualified technicians”) is only a halfway house to robot dispensors.

The principle is the same.

Imagine the NHS as a ship, crewed by the suitably qualified. If the present crew is replaced by cheaper ones, then the ship is a more attractive purchase to the corporations who are lining up to snatch in their jaws the bones of the NHS being thrown to them by their political servants – the Conservative and the Blairite (Conservatives pretending to be Labour) wings of neoliberalism.

The corporatisation of health care in America, Canada, and Australia has been a disaster for the non-rich.

The apeing of American policies toward the unemployed in these countries has been a disaster for the sick and vulnerable.

Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, etc., working in the NHS or private sector, the plan is to replace you with technicians and robots.

There is no escape. The White Anglo Saxon Protestant countries that you imagine you can escape to are all following the same course – to the rocks.


lenin nightingale 2017

About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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