SProc.Net is a computer programme that is marketed as ‘services procurement technology’, and, in itself, seems very efficient. Its developers can not be blamed for its use; they are merely taking advantage of councils’ directions to provide the cheapest care possible.

SProc.Net allows councils to be involved in ‘reverse e-auctions’ in which care companies bid against others on the internet to offer the lowest price for nursing home or home care services.

They are either bidding for entire care contracts or for individuals. In the latter case, elderly and disabled peoples’ personal details are put online – their age, diagnosis, prognosis, medication, etc. Like buying a car, companies sift through all the details so as to calculate costs and profit margins.

The initial process may involve many bidders, which are shortlisted, and then informed of their position on this list, which then encourages ‘the finalists’ to adjust their bids downwards. A Freedom of Information (2015) request indicated that 92% of care contracts on this system over a six-month period were awarded to the bidder who had offered the lowest price.

Quality counts for Jack Shit.

Nursing homes that win contracts can have very low care quality ratings. Cutting costs is always synonomous with cutting care.

Neither is all care monitored – a council paying for a 30 minute care visit found that the elderly person received one of less than 5 minutes.

Families are often unable to inspect nursing homes before their parent is sent there.

A typical reduction of care costs for a council such as Birmingham is 20%.

Councils known to be using this system in 2014/15 were:

Devon County Council.

Southend Borough Council.

Birmingham City Council.

Kent County Council.

The developers of this system claimed to have been in negotiation with 30 other local authorities.

This method of treating people as cattle is given a ‘reverse truth’ gloss. The latest version of SProc.Net is adam LIFE, launched on November 28, 2016, in Birmingham, which seems to be a test ground for such ‘innovations’, rather like an Area 51. The ruse here is to stop councils disclosing vulnerable peoples’ personal details (leading them open to charges of unethical practice), and getting families to do it!, who then receive details of “pre-approved” (i.e. lowest bidding) providers!

In all the realms of cunning this method of forcing families to auction their parents is one of the most fiendish.

In only a few clicks you can send your mum or dad to a final hell.

This system is even more rotten than that, though. For, when those sold to the knackers’ yards of ‘care’ die, their properties are sold by councils to re-pay their care costs!

And no surprise, this as everything else in the UK care sector is imported from America. See the United States Government Accountability Office, REVERSE AUCTIONS: Guidance is Needed to Maximize Competition and Achieve Cost Savings. December 9, 2013. This report as a very concise opening: “In recent years, federal agencies have been using reverse auctions — in which sellers compete against each other to sell their products or services to the buyer — as a tool to reduce the price they pay for certain types of items. In theory, a reverse auction leverages competition, enabling agencies to obtain lower prices and reduce acquisition costs”.

For American agencies read UK councils.

This is nothing more than someone going into a butchers and asking: what is the cheapest meat you have to feed my dog?

The lid is blown off what is really happening in the UK: “When setting up an auction on FedBid’s system, a contracting officer can choose to set a target price, which may be based on a government cost estimate or market research. If a target price is in effect, or “active,” a vendor must bid below that price — and below any other subsequent bids — in order to be the leading vendor”.

That is, the government has already set a maximum amount to be paid for care; councils are only a front for government; the mask behind which they hide their alien face.

By these methods we treat the elderly and disabled as dogs and cats to be thrown like garbage in human-animal shelters.

We ask families to post details online about their parents.


lenin nightingale 2016


About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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  1. carol Dimon says:

    “Quality counts for Jack Shit”
    “In only a few clicks you can send your mum or dad to a final hell.”

  2. Carol Dimon says:

    Thanks Lenin- images of “Granny auctions ”

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