They sell old people as cattle in a market, with councils placing details of elderly peoples care needs, medical history, and medication on the internet, then accepting the lowest bid from care (a euphemism) companies. An eBay where humans are auctioned.

Those that have reached the stage of being flogged off are not even allowed to to pass on their homes as inheritence. If those with savings of less than £23,250 own their home then councils are increasingly placing legal “charges” on them, and bills for their care are payed when the home is sold after the death of those so robbed. At a rate of £40,000 a year a £200, 000 house pays forn 5 years of often bog-standard incarceration.

Many people in working class areas are being forced to sign deferred payment agreements (DPA’s), with which they surrender their home to a council to pay for care. These DPA’s will be rolled out to those receiving ‘care in their home’.

This is not the principle on which the National Health Service was founded. The principle of free care at the point of entry has been cancelled out by making it costly at the point of death.

Between 30,000-40,000 people are thought to lose homes this way every year.

Thus, those who have worked hard all their life are robbed to pay the investors and the creditors of the private equity companies which run the majority of British nursing homes.

We flog humans to pay bankers’ bonuses.

We flog humans to keep up the pretence that something that does not exist (95% of all money) is in short supply, and we need to ‘ballance our books’.

This is a disgusting scam of a political elite who are nothing more than scum. Their values are those of a cess-pit.

When they talk of British values they do not mention zero hour contracts, soup kitchens, student debt, or the robbing of the elderly; they eulogise about their version of democracy, which is nothing more than a dictatorship by bribed minorities, wherein most votes count for nothing. It’s like saying “we value your opinion, but, actually, it wil change absolutely nothing”.

You will not change one iota of the disgusting system of care in the UK until you get rid of the rotten system that produces it.

There is no point in sitting on committees or attending endless conferences, attempting to tinker at the edges of what has been given.

You will not change one iota of the disgusting system of care in the UK until you get rid of the rotten system lords that operate it.
lenin nightingale 2016

About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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  1. Many County Social Services put details on a secret website for ‘car providers’ to cast secret amounts for the ‘lot’ on offer – the resident. The cheapest wins and the provider gets the goodies. What does it matter that the ‘care home’ given the responsibility of the ‘human’ involved can’t meet their needs so long as the form is signed saying that it can!!!!
    Many in fact most care homes are not fit to house elderly people. Staffing levels is the basic they can get away with. Many place nursing cases as residential to fill their homes. Resident homes dont need trained nurses therefore staffing with care assistants is cheaper. Even cheaper when contracts for care assistants is drawn up abroad and they dont need to pay the BMW.
    Trained staff recruited abroad is also cheaper due to this loophole. Then the doubts arise re genuine qualifications, references, certificates. Many arrive with PIN numbers gained from the NMC who appear to rubber stamp applications from companies who recruit abroad through.
    The food provided is the cheapest available, usually on contract with a particular company. Frozen food is cheaper than fresh. Kitchen staff are also cheaper, using kitchen assistants instead of cooks or chefs. The menus shown to relatives & official visitors always has a choice of food available, in reality the choice is take it or leave it. Meals are at regimented times and is classed as a private time so no one can see the disgusting meals served or the amount the resident takes.
    Records are kept mostly by care assistant and anyone who believes the records is, quite frankly, mad
    For many these places are worse than prisons with residents never going outside after they are admitted. One shower a week (if they are lucky) in bed any time from 7pm, up at 6 – 8am to ensure the home is ready for the day staff. The day is then down to routine.
    For me suicide is a far better option than a care home. No one will ever get me into one at any price

  2. Lesley Lincoln says:

    Dignitas for me I experienced the “worst Care Home in uk ” scenario my Mother one of the 5 whose death was attributed to by neglect in Orchid View Care Home. This experience has left those of us involved traumatised and guilt ridden over what happened within the walls of a beautiful building with Staff lacking training to enable good care. The collapse of Southern Cross led to this and the dubious partaking of hedge fund “investments”. The public need to stand up and demand to know what is going on in the care industry. Privatisation and the “profit over Care” scenario is dangerous and out of control. More collapse and misery is imminent. The law needs to be updated yet again as no one taken to account over what happened at Orchid View leaving another Orchid View scenario not just possible but probable and soon. Government must take action and merely throwing money at it is not the answer!!!

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