In New York, a caring husband disputed the doubling of nursing home bills and complained about inexperienced workers who dropped his wife on the floor.

On his next visit, he noticed a six-page legal document on his wife’s bed – a guardianship petition filed by the nursing home, asking the court to give the nursing home full legal power over his wife and complete control of her money.

However much this practice may disgust those with any vestige of decency, it is perfectly legal in New York State, where cases are held in private to protect confidentiality, it is claimed. It is rather the case that elderly debt-prisons, euphemistically called nursing homes, are protected from scrutiny, rather like claiming that disgustingly abused residents are protected by not allowing cameras to record their abuse!

Researchers at Hunter College showS the practice is now routine, nursing homes in this respect are nothing more than debt-traps, debt-prisons, where even the last thing of any value is stripped from the helpless in order to make their goalers rich.

It is like taking the gold fillings from the corpses of Holocaust victims, and my reply to anyone who says that nothing should be compared to such barberous acts is that it exhibits the same mindset, a complete disregard of what it is essentially to be human – to be driven by compassion not greed.

The ‘guardianship’ (robbing) of the elderly will inevitably be coming to Britain, as will the enactment of so-called “filial responsibility laws,” which allow nursing homes to seek reimbursement from the residents’ children … or granchildren, great-grandchildren, and so forth, down the centuries, as such ‘debt’ is traded between the detritus that pose as human.

And what happens when ‘crisis in care funding’ is ‘debated’ on tv? All the assembled posers talk about tinkering with the system to make it better; they never talk about dismantling it, for they can not bite the hand that feeds them, like the poodles of capitalism they are.

The disgusting practices of American-style care are already here. Families are asked to sign ‘agreements’ about care costs when putting their parent in a nursing home; these costs can rise with a weeks notice. Councils line the pockets of debt-ridden private equity groups who take their management costs and their investors 10% return from council-funded residents’ payments. This is before any care costs are met. And these rapacious wolves have the audacity to claim that councils do not pay them enough! Throw us some more flesh! We are Hungry! We have a bottomless stomach!

Open your eyes, and with a revolutionary heart overthrow the tyrants that imprison you in a rotten, maggot-infested system of profits posing as care.

Nationaslise all care!

Spend on care the same percentage of GDP as Germany or France.

It is the height of disdain for the government to propose an increase in council tax to pay the jackals feeding from the carcass of the care systen when the they give millions to private companies (that support them) to provide tens of thousands of immigraants with accomodation, at a time when city centres are being sanitised of the homeless, as they are shifted on to ‘wherever-else-land’; and billions of pounds of so-called overseas aid (in reality, bribes) are doled out for such projects as building luxury hotels!

Open your eyes, and with a revolutionary heart overthrow the tyrants that imprison you.

lenin nightingale 2016


About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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