What else can the Labour Party leadership candidates learn from the words of American Democratic Party politicians  to pander to the prejudices of the UK aspirant class, i.e, the heavily indebted. Sure-fire election winning slogans in bold type, for Democrats read Labour, for America/n read UK.

Taken from Democratic Party manifestos:

Budget & Economy
•Create an economy built to last & built from the middle out. (Sept. 2012)
•Restore the budget discipline of the 1990s. (Nov. 2006)
Cut the deficit in half over the next four years. (Jul. 2004)
Democrats must continue to lead Americans to prosperity. (Aug. 2000)
•Democrats will eliminate publicly held debt by 2012. (Aug. 2000)
Policy should encourage home ownership & affordable housing. (Aug. 2000)

Civil Rights
•Enable disability access.  (Sept. 2012)
•Equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. (Sept. 2012)
Police should have zero tolerance of racial profiling. (Aug. 2000)
Pass hate crime legislation including gays. (Aug. 2000)
•Democrats lead fight for equal employment. (Aug. 2000)

•Transparency in corporate accounting. (Jul. 2004)
Tax credits and investment support for small business. (Jul. 2004)
•Government counters the concentration of economic power. (Oct. 2003)

Crack down on gangs and drugs. (Jul 2004)
•Fight crime with prevention, community police. (Aug 2000)
•Tougher punishments, including the death penalty. (Aug 2000)

•Bring to justice those bringing drugs to America. (Jul. 2004)
Drugs in prison: get clean to get out. (Aug. 2000)
•Dry up drug demand via more enforcement plus more treatment. (Aug. 2000)
•Fight drugs and economic hopelessness that fuels it. (Aug. 2000)

•Turn around struggling public schools; expand public options. (Sept. 2012)
•Make college tuition tax deductible. (Nov. 2006)
•Standardized tests to advance learning, not bureaucracy. (Jul. 2004)
•Support lifelong learning and Distance Learning. (Jul. 2004)
•Democrats are the party of public education. (Oct. 2003)
Education is top priority in Democrat presidency. (Aug. 2000)
Character education is an important aspect of education. (Aug. 2000)
Reduce class size, modernize facilities, hire new teachers. (Aug. 2000)
•Enact new tax programs to enable more life-long learning. (Aug. 2000)

Restore wilderness & watersheds for generations to come. (Sep 2012)
•Honor hunting & fishing heritage via more conservation lands. (Jul. 2004)
•Encourage open space and rail travel. (Aug. 2000)

Families & Children
•Support fatherhood via faith-based groups. (Sep. 2012)
Family is the center of American life. (Jul. 2004)
•Expand Family and Medical Leave Law; end marriage penalty. (Aug. 2000)
Improve child-care and fully fund Head Start. (Aug. 2000)

Foreign Policy
•US leadership at UN, including respectful disagreement. (Sep. 2012)
•Asia: Enhance relations with Japan, S.Korea, India, Pakistan. (Jul. 2004)
•US leadership in Africa for economic & humanitarian goals. (Jul. 2004)
Work to close gap between richest and poorest nations. (Aug. 2000)

Free Trade
•Double our exports by 2015 with new trade agreements. (Sept. 2012)
•Knock down barriers to free, fair and balanced trade. (Jul. 2004)
Free trade with safeguards will benefit all. (Aug. 2000)

Health Care
•No arbitrary insurer cancelation; yes pre-existing condition. (Sept. 2012)
•Preserve promise of Medicare; don’t privatize or voucherize. (Sept. 2012)
•Make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. (Nov. 2006)
•Expand coverage and cut healthcare costs. (Jul. 2004)
•Every American should have affordable health insurance. (Aug. 2000)
•Add prescription drug benefit to Medicare. (Aug. 2000)

Homeland Security
Confront terrorism while upholding Constitutional values. (Sept. 2012)
•Lead the world by telling truth to our troops & our citizens. (Nov. 2006)
•Excessive use of our military breeds more terrorists. (Sept. 2006)
We respect and honor our veterans. (Jul. 2004)
•Reform intelligence community internationally and locally. (Jul. 2004)
•Add 40,000 new soldiers and keep military all-volunteer. (Jul 2004)
•Equip military for new threats and missions. (Aug. 2000)
Encourage military careers with better pay & benefits. (Aug. 2000)
Prepare military with advanced military and technology. (Aug. 2000)
•Develop limited missile defense system. (Aug. 2000)

•DREAM Act for now; comprehensive reform next. (Sept. 2012)
•Path for undocumented aliens to earn citizenship. (Jul. 2004)
•Reform the INS; reduce immigrant backlog. (Aug. 2000)
Protect immigrants from exploitation by employers. (Aug. 2000)

Bridge to Work: help the long-term unemployed. (Sept. 2012)
•Create jobs that stay in America. (Nov. 2006)
A strong America begins with good jobs that support families. (Ju.l 2004)
Change tax system to not encourage shipping jobs overseas. (Jul. 2004)
•Protect workers’ right to organize. (Aug. 2000)
•The rights of low income workers must be protected. (Aug. 2000)
•Democrats will strengthen safety net for family farmers. (Aug. 2000

Principles & Values
There is more we need to do; let’s continue what we started. (Sept. 2012)
•New vision for America: strong at home, respected abroad. (Jul. 2004)
Democrats need bold, innovative ideas, not ideology. (Oct. 2003)
•Safety net for no poverty & no discrimination. (Oct. 2003)

Social Security
•Preserve promise of Social Security; don’t privatize. (Sept. 2012)
Protecting the promise of Social Security is absolute. (Nov. 2006)
•Oppose privatization and oppose raising retirement age. (Jul. 2004)
•Strengthen Social Security for Baby Boomers. (Aug. 2000)

Tax Reform
Cut taxes for every working family, but not millionaires. (Sept. 2012)
Cut taxes for middle class, not the wealthy. (Jul. 2004)
•Cut taxes for working families, not richest 1%. (Aug. 2000)

Recognize and defend Internet freedom worldwide. (Sept. 2012)
•Put science ahead of ideology in research and policymaking. (Jul. 2004)
•Vigorous federal highway and transit initiatives. (Jul. 2004)
•Every home should have Internet access. (Aug. 2000)
A big priority is to grow new economy. (Aug. 2000)
•Electronic bill of rights will protect privacy & kids. (Aug. 2000)

War & Peace .
•No US forces in Iraq; no US bases in Iraq. (Sep 2012)
•Bring our troops home from Afghanistan by 2014. (Sep 2012)
•Balance between anti-war & Bush militarism. (Jun. 2012)
•“Name and shame” terrorist sponsors, tough on Saudi Arabia. (Jul. 2004)
•Focus on Afghanistan to avoid renewing terrorist haven. (Jul. 2004)
Focus on preventing terrorism by education in Muslim world. (Jul. 2004)
•Need a plan to “win the peace” in Iraq. (Jul. 2004)
•Internationalize Iraqi military and political presence. (Jul. 2004)
Committed to Israel but support Palestinian state. (Jul. 2004)
•Granting open-ended authority for Iraq war lost ’02 election. (Oct. 2003)
•Commitment to Israel is unshakable. (Aug. 2000)

Welfare & Poverty
•Partner with faith-based organizations to serve the needy. (Sep. 2012)
•OpEd: If justice is a problem, fix poverty programs. (Apr. 2012)
•Line in the sand: protect entitlements (but it needs reform). (Apr. 2012)
Raise EITC & minimum wage to $7 & expand middle class. (Jul. 2004)
•Harness power of faith-based organizations PLUS govt. (Aug. 2000)

Enough bullshit to win an election.

lenin nightingale 2015

About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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