Farkhunda, a young girl beaten to pieces by  inhuman cowards

A Reuters Press Agency release of April, 27, 2015, clearly shows that the Taliban are once again threatening to engulf Afghanistan in an oppressive shroud of medieval-style oppression: ‘Heavy fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents that killed more than 30 combatants on Monday threatened a major northern city, prompting President Ashraf Ghani to delay a state visit to India.Officials said hundreds of Taliban insurgents had attacked police and army checkposts in the province of Kunduz, the militants’ last stronghold before U.S. coalition forces drove them from power in 2001.Now they threaten to overrun parts of the provincial capital, after fighting that killed eight Afghan security forces and at least two dozen Taliban in the area, a spokesman for the provincial governor said’.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (  gave a more graphic and detailed account: ‘At least 30 Afghan soldiers have been killed, eight of them beheaded, and several others were abducted after militants stormed army checkpoints in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, Afghan officials said Monday. According to Afghan sources, on Friday night, some 200 Afghan and foreign militants launched an assault on army and police checkpoints in Jurm district of northeastern Badakhshan province, bordering with China. “More than 70 army troops were serving in different check posts in Jurm district, they were (either) killed, (or) abducted by militants or hid in the caves to survive,” Zalmai Mujaddadi, representative of Badakhshan province to Lower House told the Anadolu Agency. “Militants have beheaded eight soldiers in ISIS`s (Daesh’s) style and have sent the bodies back to the government.” “Locals have mediated and asked Taliban to do not behead rest of the captives,” he added. The western media was generally silent about this atrocity, yet was deafiningly loud when reporting the beheading of British and American hostages of Daesh.

It is as if murdered Afghan troops are of less worth than American and British ones, not that they are particularly highly regarded by their governments, who preside over their shamefully inadequate care once they have been discharged, their job of advancing American foreign policy having been done, their use ended, other than in providing photo opportunities for their political masters at their funerals.

Nineteenth-century British generals, and their Russian counterparts of the 1980’s, knew that attempting to impose a miltary ‘solution’ on Afghanistan is futile, and the only method of establishing influence is by installing a puppet regime. This is what has happened. The Kabul regime is no less murderous than the Taliban, the only difference is that they are backed by America and its British deputy.

Proclaiming the advancement of womens’ rights in Afghanistan under the forces of the American-led occupation is  the most shallow of boasts, given that the Kabul puppet regime is nothing more than a Jehadi-mafia, an American sanctioned replica of the Taliban. The Afghan Jehadi-mafia were no more democratically elected as would be a government of America or Britain if the only people voting were those of Washington or London.

The message is clear. Afganistan has been abandoned to face the Taliban and its horde of foreign sympathisers, and the rights of Afghan women to determine the course of their life is under threat from both from the Jehadi-mafia regime of Kabul and their psycho-pathological counterparts in the Taliban

I repeat a part of the statement made by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan on March 26, 2015, which details the barbaric murder of ayoung Afghan girl, fourteen years after America ‘placed the most misogynist and criminal people in its puppet government and given them protection from prosecution and accountability’.


‘Last week the people of Kabul witnessed, yet again, the brutality, barbarism, and misogyny of the Jehadi and Hitler kind. Farkhunda, a young girl was beaten to pieces by a gang of inhuman cowards in broad daylight and in the presence of the police. Her body was later burnt. With all the misogynistic acts that have been committed against our women in the past few decades by the traitorous Jehadi and Taliban fundamentalists, such a horrendous incident has not happened, not even in the past hundred years. The question every conscious person of this land with a conscience asks is why, despite the deafening propaganda of ‘women’s rights’ and the influx of millions of Dollars for this purpose, do we still witness barbarism in a way never seen before? The answer is clear: in the past fourteen years the US has placed the most misogynist and criminal people in its puppet government and given them protection from prosecution and accountability. Farkhunda’s tragedy could not have occurred if the perpetrators had not had the full support of the corrupt, mafia-Jehadi mafia-Jehadi apparatus of Kabul

The shameful comments of the officials in the Jehadi-mafia government about the killing of Farkhunda shows that her murderers are getting full support from the government. The brutes who killed Farkhunda also threatened her mourning family to lie and say that she was ‘mentally unstable’, so as to silence the uproar of the people against their crime. These pressures against her family are still continuing. Hashmat Stanikzai, Simin Ghazal, Zalmai Zabuli, and the devious cleric Ayaz Niyazi, defended this act publicly and shamelessly and titled the murderers as ‘brave men’; while Abdullah (whose biggest concern is the petty and shameful issue of everyone addressing him as ‘His Excellency’) ended his duty by merely saying “the event has been discussed in the security council’s meeting”. The women of Afghanistan say: Shame on you and your security council! This chicly-dressed man who tries to hide his filthy nature under Parisian cloths does not even use the words ‘treachery’ or ‘criminal’ to condemn this act. Therefore, the real perpetrators of this crime are Abdullah and other Jehadis who share his mentality. Although an extensive campaign for justice has already begun, but this will not bear any results, the criminals will be exonerated and their crimes will covered up. Maybe some murderers at the lower end of the chain of this crime will be prosecuted, but the real perpetrators, who are behind-the-scenes, will escape the claws of justice again, and will be free to commit any heinous and inhumane act they wish to.

One thing is certain. Farkhunda seriously opposed the current hell-like situation of our country. However, she did not protest by taking hollow actions of wearing black or a burqa the way women and men from the civil society do (who also earn their living by such actions), and not by making aristocratic and meaningless statements like Mahbooba Saraj does.

If the puppet and ‘thinker’ president had had any shame, he would have at least delayed his trip to lick the boots of his American masters upon seeing the massive sorrow that had reached every nook and corner of the country, and seen this crime as a shameful stain on his face and that of his Jehadi partners.

Dear compatriots,

Our people should realize that this government and its entire apparatus, is by nature a puppet, criminal, and anti-people one that will always protect criminals. In the past few years, hundreds and thousands of crimes have been committed against women, and even if a hundred more Farkhundas are victims of criminals, the government and Parliament and its male and female members will be as indifferent as they are today. Unless this set-up of bloodshed and treachery is not uprooted by our people’s wrath, Afghanistan will witness much more shocking and horrifying crimes’.

I urge all comrades in the trade union movement, all those involved in human rights organisations, all people who are disgusted by the present and impending fate of Afghan women, to establish links to the brave women of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, and offer them moral and financial assistance in their heroic struggle against all versions of Jehadi-mafia feudalism.

I urge all human beings to use social media outlets to incessantly keep the fate of Farkhunda in the public mind, so as to honour her as a martyr for human rights, and to expose American and British politicians who established the vile Kabul regime and the hell-like situation it imposes on women.
lenin nightingale 2015


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A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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