A militant ‘democracy’ seeks to ban non-violent extremism. Welcome to Room 101. There is no room outside of it for those labelled ‘extremists’, i.e., people opposed to the Ruling Class electoral stitch-up, in which candidates draped in the flags of different political parties parade the same wares to the duped masses, any differences in what offered being minute, and sanctioned by the Ruling Class.

Consider one example of what will never be offered to the huddled masses of the UK’s cities – land. What the Ruling Class robbed from local communities during the Industrial Revolution, so called, will never be given back.

Between 1770 and 1830, the British Ruling Class passed 3,280 enclosure bills, stealing 6 million acres of commonly held land. By 1830, not a single country had more than 3% of its land open to public use. This was not a democratic process: rich M.P.’s voted to line their own pockets and those of their aristocratic overlords. Not the old aristocracy, be it noted, stemming from the time of the Norman Conquest, but the new type, descendants of those who bought their titles from the king (an earldom could be had for £10,000 in the early 1600’s), or had sex with him. It is not recorded how many times that had to occur before the resultant bastard was given a title and a swathe of land. These were British values!, and I suspect that, under the pomp and ceremony of respectability, they still are.

You are not told who owns this land, any attempt to find out meets with blanket silence. Just as the small trader class are duped into believing their interest and those of multi-national corporations are the same, so are some duped about the ‘destruction of the countryside’, when the ‘Green-Belt’, so called, is threatened. The Ruling Class manipulate this concern.

Nationalise all land, take back what was stolen, and replace acres of rape-seed oil with houses on 10% of it. But this is being extreme, you might say, yet not as extreme as the beatings took by those who opposed the Enclosure Acts at the hands of working class hirelings of the Ruling Class.

Those who own ‘democracy’ get to define it.

Theirs is the only extremism allowed. They justify their rule by claiming their beliefs are superior to those of other extremists. Belief superiority means you think your opinion are the only valid one, and that all other opinions are inferior to yours.

It is a racism of thought. They truly believe that everyone who disagrees with them must be inferior.

George Bush and his British acolyte, Tony Blair, are as much examples of extremism as those they decried as a preliminary to invading their country, and inflicting death and carnage on a horrendous scale. Yet, such as they work for the interests of the bastard who was given a title and a swathe of land, and are, as such, ‘good’ extremists, albeit violent ones. This leads to what I suggest are fair questions: When government policy brings about death of innocent civilians in ‘wars of (oil) liberation, should it be banned as violent extremism? Should politicians who suggest such policies be banned as non-violent extremists?

They who own the means to be extreme get to define it.

You will wake up in a not too distant age and have your brain activity measured when you look at threatening images on your tv screen. Your neural response will be analysed by predictive models, which will classify you as a friend or foe of the Ruling Class. Your political orientation as been mapped, and you are not informed that such neural spying software as been installed in all modern communication devises. The technology to record movements in your facial muscles already exists. It can be triggered every time you pass an advertisment hoarding, and cross-referenced to who you are, as determined by the facial recognition camera you have just passed. Your physiology will strip naked your politics, and those that do not conform to the ideology of the ‘lords of democracy’ will be destined for Room 101 – that Orwellian torture chamber of ‘the Ministry of Love’, in which the Party of the Ruling Class subject malcontents to their own worst nightmare, fear or phobia, with the object of breaking down their resistance, eradicating all resistance, and sending out a message to all those who are thinking of resisting.

Resist their belief superiority!

You are not inferior!

lenin nightingale 2015


About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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