Britain shipped young children out them out like cattle to an overseas slaughter house. “What have I done wrong?”, they silently screamed, for to have shouted aloud would have invited a beating. Between 1912 and 1970, over 7000 working-class, British children were shipped to Australia. They were children of single mothers, of the poor, who could not afford to feed them in England’s Green and Pleasant Land. Many had been told they were in temporary care, and would be reunited with their parents. It was such a cruel lie. Can you imagine a worse one? Can any mother imagine turning up at the local ‘Barnardos’ to be callously informed your child “has gone”. “Where to?”. “Somewhere they wil be better off”. That is: “How dare you ask us, you working-class degenerate?”.

The cleansing of these children from any stain of their parents was done by changing their names, dates, and places of birth. This was done with the full knowledge and complicity of the British establishment. The cost of feeding the children of the undeserving poor was much reduced by their export.

On their arrival at their new institutions, sobbing brothers were torn away from their screaming sisters, and made to work on building sites, where they were flogged and beaten if they slackened – like Roman galley-slaves. Life for some, at Bindon Boys Town, run by the Catholic Church, was a daily grind of beatings and rape. Starved, they stole food from pig troughs. Yet, there has been no public enquiry. Why did the British government decide to deport children? Was it solely done on economic grounds? Who made the decisions? Who knew about the abominable conditions that deported children faced?

The greatest hypocrisy practised by British politicians is when they blow the horn about “British values”, but these values only apply to their kind. It is not their children who were exported like cattle. It is not their children who were bombed indiscriminately in Iraq. Can any parent imagine the horror of picking your dead child’s burnt body out of the rubble of your home? No! A thousand times no! Yet, Gordon Brown of the New Labour Party insisted the Iraq war was “the right decision for the right reasons”, though accepting “war may be necessary, but it is also tragic in the effect it has on people’s lives”. This must be worth a PhD in inanity, defined as ‘lack of substance, emptiness, vapid, pointless, and shallowness’. There would have been no bombing of Baghdad if Saddam hosted elite polo events, or cocktail parties for international bankers.

The common and rotten thread that runs through the British Establishment is their callous attitude to those they deem not human. Brown’s predecessor, ‘The Great Chameleon’, Tony Blair, found it fashionable to apologise for the Irish potato famine (was he seeking votes or sainthood?), but successive Prime Ministers did not apologise for British concentrations camps in the Boer War, or for the castration of opponents to British rule during the Kenyan Mau Mau uprising. In 2013, Britain’s Foreign Office announced it “sincerely regrets” the acts of torture a British colonial government carried out against Kenyans fighting for liberation from colonial rule in the 1950s and 1960s. They insisted that an “expression of deep regret” was not the same thing as an apology, which would have legal (i.e. more costly) implications.

(‘Britain declared a state of emergency in Kenya in 1952 and sent military to quell a rebellion by the Mau Mau movement. This was comprised predominantly of Kikuyu, the largest Kenyan ethnic group, (who demanded) the return of … “stolen” land and self-government. Britain had established in Kenya a system of institutionalised racism and exploitation of the indigenous population. It was estimated that half of the urban workers in private industry and one quarter of those in public services received wages too low to provide for their basic needs … The white settlers, who comprised a miniscule 0.7 per cent of the population, owned 20 per cent of the best land in Kenya, the White Highlands. This meant that fewer than 30,000 whites owned more arable land than 1 million Kikuyu … The sheer number of deaths at the hands of the government forces shows that there was a extensive shoot-to-kill policy and that killings were conducted with impunity. Some British army battalions kept scoreboards recording kills, and gave £5 rewards for the first sub-unit to kill an insurgent. One army captain was quoted as informing a sergeant-major that “he could shoot anybody he liked provided they were black” … There was “a constant stream of reports of brutalities by police, military and home guards”, noted Canon Bewes, of the Church Missionary Society … These brutalities included slicing off ears, boring holes in eardrums, flogging until death, pouring paraffin over suspects who were then set alight, and burning eardrums with lit cigarettes. “Some of the people”, Bewes noted, “had been using castrating instruments and … in one instance two men had died under castration” … Bewes stated that there were also a number of cases of rape perpetrated by the army’ (précis from ‘Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World’, Mark Curtis, 2003).

The Kikuyu were not deemed human, in the same way as Iraquis, Palistinians, native Americans, blacks, and the demonised poor are not. Our masters pose as humans, but, like emperors of Rome, see themselves as all-powerful gods, who punish from their safe places those mere mortals who do not worship at the Temple of Mammon.

British politicians and their attack-dogs are the minions of the British Ruling Class, the Ceasars that live in the Imperial Palaces of the White Highlands, who now protect their own kind from investigations into sex crimes against children.

They are the ones who have always been. They were the high status males who raped peasant girls in the Middle Ages, and mostly escaped being reported. They met on the streets of pre-revolutionary New York in ‘crowds of bloods’, and marked their sheer contempt of women by shouting obscene suggestions at them, or by rape, for which any punishment was not excessive, especially in the case of ‘attempted rape’, were the man had not ejaculated. They meet in the swanky apartments of London and New York to plan their next sex party with under-age, working-class victims. They bomb, mame, torture, and rape, but not those of the Imperial Circle. Their crimes are almost exclusively against the most powerless of the working class.

Domineering is a natural way of life for them. They oppress, intimidate, and lie.

They dress self interest in the garb of national interest.

Like the Kikuyu, we are ruled by the 0.7 per cent. Their every strategy is to further and protect their interests. The only escape from bondage is revolutionary change, and the ascendency of the those who insist on being deemed human.

lenin nightingale 2014


About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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