With the ever increasing encroachment of the Second Machine Age, the prospect for human-kind is bleak. This stark reality will be hidden behind propaganda that will enthusiastically extol the virtue of robots to create different types of employment for humans. The gullible masses will be spoonfed a vision of companies using robots (from the Czech ‘robota’, meaning serf labour) to produce goods that human ‘serfs’ once did, but these humans will be re-trained to be engineers and technicians that design and service the robots, and humans will be needed to package and sell the goods that robots produce.

The propagandists of this robot-human utopia will write about the creation of ’employment opportunities’ around these ‘new possibilities’. Only the most naeve will believe this, for the vision of a robot-human partnership takes no account of the inevitable direction of posthuman capitalism.

The global capitalists of the Second Machine Age do not have any sense of connectivity to other humans, who they regard as a sub-human species – a class of Neanderthals. They quietly acquire the technology patents that will be the demise of the human workforce across a broad range of jobs.

Humans will not be required to assemble and package goods, to be soldiers, to work in farms or in mines; to be fishermen, car assemblers, lorry or taxi drivers, fast-food workers, shelf-stackers, or cashiers. ‘JC Penney’s CEO Ron Johnson has made a bold statement regarding the future of the company – that it plans to move all of its inventory onto an advanced RFID system and obviate the need for human cashiers’ (, August 1, 2012).

Humans will not be needed to work in ports, whose operators are turning to automated guided vehicles, automated stacking cranes, automatic gantry systems, and automatic shuttles and elevators. They will not be needed as security guards: ‘Jim Gunderson, President of Gamma 2 Robotics in Denver, Colo., said that security breach points out that humans don’t make the best watch guards. His company has developed a robotic security guard called ‘the Vigilant’ to replace them’ (Nell London, March 26, 2014).

Significantly, humans will also be replace by robots with ‘cognitive’ skills. Robots will listen to what a person or robot says, interpret their meaning, and give them an answer. Jobs that were the preserve of the middle class will disappear – the architect, doctor, dentist, financial analyst, and teacher are as doomed as their manual counterparts. ‘Artificial intelligence/robots will ultimately replace human representatives in company call centres and handle all inbound calls’ ( November 2014).

The pursuit of lower costs of production brought the re-location of many call-centres to India, with some lauding this development as sharing the benefits of globalisation with poorer countries – a short-sighted belief that did not follow the end logic behind such relocation, that the persuit of lower costs of production will replace even cheap human labour with robots.

The world is run by greed-driven private corporations which control governments. This elite will soon have little demand for human labour. The ‘1 percent’ will increasingly use non-human means of production to create ‘efficiencies’ and save labour costs. Some may doubt this, asking how can there be a consumer economy without human employment? The answer is: there will not be a mass consumer economy; production and consumption will eventually become an inter-elite process. It is easier to sell 10 items at $100,000 (to the super rich) than 100,000 items at $10 (to the masses).

During a transition period, the mass consumer economy will continue to function on part-time or ‘zero-hours’ jobs; the use of savings and loans, food banks, and unemployment benefits.

This transitional phase is akin to feudalism. An article by Gilbert Mercier, Editor in Chief of News Junkie Post (reprinted in, Nov 12, 2014), states: ‘Montesquieu and his colleagues of the mid-18th century, such as Voltaire, Diderot and Rousseau of the Age of Enlightenment, denounced feudalism as being a system exclusively dominated by aristocrats who possess all financial, political and social power … To the Enlightenment writers, feudalism symbolized everything that was wrong with a system based on birth privilege, inequality and brutal exploitation.

… If one looks objectively at the power stratum in the US circa 2013, and the one of, let’s say, France circa 1750, it is hard to ignore the startling similarity. For example, attendance at Ivy-League schools in the US is principally an inherited privilege; the same can be said for elected positions in Congress.

… Today’s servitude is more insidious: the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and many private banks operate like mega drug dealers. The IMF and World Bank do so with countries, while the banks do so with individuals. Once Greece, Detroit or John Doe is addicted to its fix — loans in this case — the trick is done. After a while, money must be borrowed even to service the debt.

… The ‘market forces’ are not physical phenomena; they are the hyenas and vultures from Wall Street who dismantle and then feed on the carcasses of a city or country. Decline does not just happen; it is engineered by the corporate entities of global capitalism to maximize profit without regard for human costs. It is ultimately up to us, for the common good of human kind, to put wrenches into the well-oiled wheels of this global corporate machine that is breaking our backs by grinding and crushing our accomplishments of more than 250 years to return us to the servitude of feudalism’.

Capitalism exploited human labour during the First Machine Age (of the 19th century Industrial Revolutions), but, in the Second Machine Age, it will eliminate the majority of human labour. This process began like the encroachment of an Ice Age, which happens so gradually that it is not noticed, but the pace of technological change is now so great that the elimination of human labour comes as an avalanche. The rate of replacement is exponential and the result is that productivity gains lead to more wealth for the corporate owners of robotic production, and less need to employ wage slaves.

The global capitalists of the Second Machine Age do not have any sense of connectivity to nation States. They are a transnational elite – a network of elites which serve the gods of The New Word Order. This network consists of: (1) An economic elite, which seeks to promote economic globalization. Its members are corporate directors, executive managers, major shareholders directors of the IMF and World Bank. (2) A political elite, consisting of leading politicians and bureaucrats of the G7 alliance, which seek to impose the hegemony of The New World Order by military and economic (sanctions) means. They target powerful sovereign countries, such as Russia and China, and governments that came to power through liberation movements, such as Cuba, Iran, Libya, Syria, and Venezeula. (3) A propaganda elite, which transmits the ideology of the New World Order,through its mass media outlets, such as the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation), and manipulation of ‘social media’- blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. – by the Pentagon’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which uses agents to infiltrate social media groups and promote ‘truthful information’. (4) An academic elite, consisting of ‘academics’ who ‘prove’ the need for globalization and ‘austerity measures’ – privatisation of State assets, de-regulation of the labour market, etc. (5) A cultural elite, centred on Zionist controlled Hollywood, which spews out ‘American values’.

The dynastic transnational elite will let ‘lesser’ humans starve outside of the gates of their golden cities. This will not happen immediately, but is being prepared for in stages. The propaganda elite have prepared people to accept that low paid and insecure jobs and unemployment are the result of individual failure – not the failure of the State to provide adequate employment. In stage one of the plan, the feudal stage, the brainwashed will accept the incarceration of the unemployed in labour camps, because they can not believe it is their destiny to be unemployed. Those who have ‘failed’ are serfs, whilst they are of a middling rank, useful to their lords.

Those making a precarious living on zero-hour or part time work will be cowed by the prospect of the labour camps, which will be run under military discipline. This prospect is not fantasy – between 1929 and 1939, 25 secret labour camps were built in Britain, and more than 200,000 unemployed men were sent to them.

Stage two of the plan will witness a vast increase in the number of these camps, as the use of robots dramatically increases. All classes of worker will swell the ranks of the unemployed. Students will believe their degree courses to be futile. Protest will be dealt with ruthlessly, by robotic ‘Vigilants’.

The last stage of the plan will see the dynastic transnational elite retreating into luxurious fortress-cities, and, when that process is complete, the plug will be pulled on humanity.

The ‘outsiders’ will be plunged into a Dark Age, mirroring that of the 10th century. Those few that survive will look up to the walls of the golden cities and will see the shape of men and women, but those shapes will be deceptive, for the gods of these places are no more human than their machines.

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A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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  1. Carol Dimon says:

    ack David Icke Look at the film Bees and also consider slavery/depopulation— all the evidence is around if folk care to search , and if they kow how to

  2. Carol Dimon says:

    More robots classrooms Teachers- hang onto your jobs.

  3. Carol Dimon says:

    Survey amongst students showed ALICE robot was best- seek link- Lenin

  4. Carol Dimon says:

    Repeat- no jobs- end of people- an elite served by robots will remain.

  5. Carol Dimon says:

    Another issue that people fail to realise the implications of- what future do we leave our children ?

  6. Carol Dimon says:

    No jobs for prostitues ? via Jenny Moore

  7. Carol Dimon says:

    Transhuman- immortal elite-

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