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BBC – British Brainwashing Corporation

Media coverage of protests against so called austerity measures (the piracy of state assets by international corporations), demonises protesters, ignores the political nature of protests and legitimises state violence against demonstrators. The mainstream Spanish and Greek press emphasise independence of … Continue reading

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Most UK students outside of Scotland will be paying back student loans well into old age, and many will never repay them. This, not unsurprisingly, parallels the situation in America, where, according to The Institute for College Access and Success … Continue reading

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Hollywood History For The Masses

Many years ago, whilst sitting behind a small wooden desk, listening to history being dispensed by ‘gods’ in the guise of teachers, I was told about the ‘golden days’ of Elizabethan England. The tales were full of heroes who fought … Continue reading

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BBC News and Voyeurism. A Complaint to Chris Patten

Individual workers (plebeians) had little power in ancient Rome, but when the economy was in dire straights there was the risk of the Roman ‘mob’ rioting against the (patrician) upper classes. The Emperor Augustus was savvy enough to discourage rioting … Continue reading

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