The Korean people have been subjected to atrocities. This is a fact, and to disbelieve this is akin to Holocaust denial.

Korea endured 40 years of brutal Japanese occupation prior to 1945. As reported by F. A. McKenzie, Koreans in China sent a petition to the American Minister in Peking that mentioned sexual exploitation under Japanese rule. It stated: ‘The Japanese encourage, as a source of revenue, the sale of Korean prostitutes in Chinese cities. Many of these prostitutes are only fourteen and fifteen years old. It is part of the Japanese policy of race extermination by which they hope to destroy all Koreans’.

‘Japan forced 200,000 women into sex slavery, luring them to “comfort stations” set up throughout East Asia by the Japanese military from 1932 until the end of the war’, according to Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues. ‘Mostly Korean, the women were lied to and told they would get jobs if they went to the brothels … One such woman reported to the train station where she was packed into a Japanese military train carrying about fifty girls per car, and taken to a troop station. There she was repeatedly raped for two weeks. Then she was installed in a commodified rape center, euphemistically misnomered a ‘comfort station,’ where she served thirty to forty soldiers on the average day. She was also beaten daily’.

Koreans formed Local Democratic Peoples’ Committees the day after Japan announced its surrender in 1945, the American response being to arbitrarily dividing Korea along the 38th parallel, with the the capital city of Seoul and two thirds of the population placed in the ‘American’ south. On September 8, the first contingent of 72,000 American troops arrived to back-up a brutal occupation of the south, which resulted in the dismantling of the Peoples’ Committees, and the mass murder of their supporters.

The South Korean puppet regime was guided by American military advisors, and was supported by American artillery and air-forces. On Cheju Island, some 60,000 of its residents were murdered. Over 230 of the Island’s 400 villages were incinerated, and 100,000 people, who had seen the burnt skin of their screaming children peeling off, were herded into concentration camps. Throughout South Korea, regime opponents were hunted down , tortured, then shot and flung into mass graves. Why are war crimes prosecutions not held retrospectively in this case? Are murdered Koreans who opposed American policy of less value than those found in the mass graves of Kosovo? – murdered by those America and its allies opposed, who were prosecuted amidst much fanfare.

The ensuing Korean War destroyed by incendiary bombing most cities and villages in North Korea, and many in the south. Estimates suggest that three million of the north’s residents, and one million of those living in the south, were murdered. 10 million Korean families were seperated.

In words which Hitler’s propaganda minister would have been proud of, North Korea was labelled a part of an “axis of evil” by George W. Bush, fellow members of this ‘club’ being Iraq and Iran. The former country was subject to Korean-scale bombings that murdered more than 1 million, leaving 5 million orphans.

The term ‘murder’, which I use throughout this article, is appropriate, I suggest, as it encompasses the concepts of ‘unlawful’, and ‘premeditated’, with its synonyms – ‘extermination’, ‘slaughter’, ‘butchery’, and ‘massacre’ – being particularly applicable to the genocide visited on the faction of Iraqis that fell foul of American foreign (grab-the-oil) policy. America’s former ally, Saddam Hussein, was brutally murdered, as was another former bedfellow, the Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi, who made the same mistake as Hussein, in abandoning a program to develop a nuclear deterrent. The North Korean government does not wish to repeat this mistake, and views Iran as foolish for doing so.

North Korea is the subject of a propaganda bombardment. No mention is made of South Koreans who protest against the expansion of American bases, or their rallies being banned. No mention of joint South Korean and American ‘war games’ focusing on pre-emptive bombing of the north. The endgame is regime change, to which purpose President Obama is ordering 60% of American naval forces to be stationed in Asia, with Jeju Island, the site of mass atrocities committed by an American-backed regime, being earmarked for a massive naval base, despite fierce local opposition.

North Korea is nothing more than a strategic pawn in America’s proxy war with China and Russia, a strategy that includes American allies (Australia, Japan, and those within NATO), pump-feeding their mass media with unsubstantiated stories about ‘atrocities’ committed by the North Korean government. The latest UN ‘report’ on such ‘atrocities’ is 4,000 pages long, a much emphasised figure, which surely adds to its credibility, it is claimed. This is like saying the Bible is a book of so many words, we all must descend from Adam and Eve.

Tiny North Korea does not threaten anyone with its low-tech missiles, which do nothing more than make a pre-emptive strike a more costly option than was the case in Iraq. North Korea is but an excuse for American expansionism in Asia. It is nothing more than a collective ‘bogeyman’ – an imaginary evil character of supernatural powers – with which to frighten the gullible. Its leader is portrayed as the epitomy of this character. This is not to infer that North Korea is a Utopia, rather that unsubstantiated reports of atrocities committed by the North Korean government are probably false, whilst accounts of atrocities committed on Koreans by the Japanese, then by an American-backed South Korean regime, are certainly not.

Through its control over international financial institutions, America dictates the economic policies of many ‘captive’ countries, and is able to impose crippling sanctions against ‘rogue’ nations, which certainly violate Principle vi. of the UN’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ charter, which prohibits “inhuman acts done against any civilian population”. The American Government is prostituted to a corporate and banking elite, which orders its media subsiduaries to subvert the truth about American intentions, by blocking news, and spreading misinformation.

The general tactic is to support one faction in a country against another, with an ensuing conflict being deliberately ratchetted up, resulting in an American Puppets Alliance (APA) invasion to ‘liberate the people’, not to mention, in many cases, ‘liberating’ their oil. Slick-suited European Foreign Ministers parrot the words of their American masters when justifying invasions. They are without intrinsic potency, being nothing more than small dogs licking the big dog’s balls.

The North Koreans are a proud people, who do not choose to immitate such acts of servitude. They do not have to be indoctrinated with false accounts of their nation’s history. The atrocities they suffered are kept alive by each generation informing the next.

Who, then, are the brainwashed?

lenin nightingale 2014


About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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