You are being fed weasel words – language designed to make the bad seem good; the sour seem sweet. It is a language used by politicians to deceive the unthinking class, as exampled by George W. Bush’s statement:”I reminded (the soldiers) and their families that the war in Iraq is really about peace”; a blatant contortion of the truth, as described by George Orwell in 1946: “Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.

The dominance of weasel words in politics signals the last stages of a plan that commenced with governments being forced to sell state owned assets, such as water, gas, oil, and electricity, to international corporations, whose obligation to shareholders outweighs that to freezing customers. The force that compels governments to privatise are G7 controlled lenders, who impose ‘privatisation conditions’ on borrowers; thus, politicians become stooges who can not influence the corporate capitalist system, but engage in attempting to mildly regulate it. Take, for instance, the present Uk governments’ plan to encourage energy companies to make it easier to switch suppliers, or to get the ‘best deal’, or the Labour Party’s plan to give a ‘voice’ to consumers in ‘energy issues’. This is tinkering with corporate capitalisms death-hold on consumers; there is no mention of ending it; of returning the control of essential services to public control. Politicians merely do what they have to do (dance like puppets on corporate capitalism’s string), and attempt to convince the unthinking class that they represent distinct choices; that they will be the ‘toughest’ on ‘welfare scroungers’ and immigration – the twin pillars of prejudice which debased politicians inflame. People are afraid to stand up to the powerful; they are enouraged to take out their suppressed rage on those even weaker than themselves.

It is all a deception: Government borrowing only exists within computers; is anyone so foolish as to imagine borrowed money to be of the physical kind, transported by lenders in a constant convoy of Boings? Instead of ‘borrowing’, UK governments could simply credit government accounts to suppliers of government services, such as the NHS and the Department of Education. It could similarly ‘credit’ firms to engage in massive infrastructure projects. The reason that this is not done is because an agreement by the powerful to engage in a game in which abstractions – numbers that represent the size of the economy – become more real than reality.

It is a game of several purposes. The restriction of ‘money’ creates economc slavery. Those working full-time on low pay; those living precariously on zero hours contracts, and those on sparse unemployment benefits, are made to cling on to what little they have out of fear of losing it. Just enough money is given so as to deter riots. The hard-working nurse struggles on a notional worth that is the merest fraction of what is alloted to the gambler in stocks and shares, which, of course, only exist within computers. Television analysts merely repeat the economic data spoon fed to them by government. The unthinking class become so immersed in the illusion of scarcity that they take it to be the nature of reality. Similarly, spurious data on unemployment and economic growth is disseminated by governments and repeated by their lackeys in the media.

Corporate capitalism aims to get a stranglehold on the £1billion contract to supply all older people’s health and social care provision in Cambridgeshire. Serco and Virgin have applied to take over all the services currently run by NHS Trusts. Interserve, Capita and Circle, are applying ‘in partnership with’ NHS Trusts. Circle is an indebted company funded by private equity groups which make considerable donations to the Conservative Party, the senior partners within the UK government. Under Section 75 of the Health and Social Care Act, unless the NHS can prove it is the ‘only capable provider’, services must offered to the private sector. Those private companies who lack healthcare experience may bid as sub-contractors of a ‘prime contractor’ with such experience, such as NHS Trusts.
You will be fed weasel words. The term ‘partnership’ will be used to blind the unthinking class to the private sector takeover of the NHS, built on the lie of private sector ‘efficiency’, which is merely employing fewer, less qualified staff, on zero-hour contracts, with the ill praying that an ambulance will arrive to take them to hospital, and that they will not die during their lengthy wait for admission.

The NHS will only be that in name. The reality is that politicians of all political parties have no power to stop it being hived off to corporations. The G7 directs the World Bank and IMF to make ‘debtor’ countries adopt ‘free market policies’. The dominant (Yankee) force within the G7 seeks to become the de facto world government, served by the banking system – the keepers of the ledger of abstractions. Governments give the illusion of governing and thus keep the unthinking masses happy. True control is in the talons of the masters of the New World Order.

Last year the private consultants Cambridge Health Network recommended that the ‘partnership’ approach could be used to make the privatisation of the NHS more palatable. Sir William Wells, who convened the review, suggested in the Guardian that the word privatisation should be ‘banned’ and replaced with the weasel word ‘partnership’.

As Marylin Manson said: “This is the new shit”. Stand up and resist! March under the Battle Cry of Freedom!

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About leninnightingale

A nurse who for decades challenged the nursing establishment, echoing the voices of the silent many- the downtrodden nurses, students, care assistants, patients, and relatives that the 'system' overlooks. This site will present issues that many fear to engage in, prefering to believe what they are told by the Government's 'Ministry of Truth' (i.e. 'Lies').
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  1. carol dimon says:

    The public are being hoodwinked- not only in the UK. Recall Virgin own 100 hospitals and hide behind the NHS logo. Yes there are differences between private and NHS- policies/staffing/procedures etc. Few see, and few believe.

  2. Delia says:

    Good article. Some facts for UK citizens to be aware of. 1/3 of Australian hospital beds are now private. Australians are financially penalised if they don’t take out private health insurence by their 31st birthday/or if their income is above $90,000 a year. Politicians refer to this as ‘offering choice’. The result for Australian patients? Rising out of pocket costs, rising over servicing and dangerously low quality of care.

    Australian out of pocket costs are now second only to Switzerland and the USA. 18% of Australia’s health spending is now individual’s out of pocket costs. Private cancer treatment is now costing many people $20,000+ in out of pocket costs WITH health insurance. Australia has just completed a Senate Enquiry into out of pocket costs, with every major health group stating it is causing patients to delay or refuse essential tests and treatments. Every major newspaper in Australia had published reports of patients sent broke by massive and unexpected health bills, WITH private insurance. There are NO up front financial quotes for private healthcare. Australian private doctors refuse to accept public displays of their fees. Private hospital costs are fragmented into numerous services; a bewildering range of medical, pathology and hospital related bills. One theatre visit will triggering at least 6 bills alone. Patients simply cannot do a ‘financial estimates’ of their impending health bills, they cannot shop around and get the ‘best quote’.

    Australian private hospitals have far less obligations to report safety-related issues like hospital errors. Australian private hospitals are currently exempt from supplying information on hospital acquired infections from the National Health Performance Authority that runs the ‘My Hospitals’ website. They also frequently refuse to display the number of patients treated, citing ‘commercial in confidence’ laws. A large number of private hospitals have no doctors on the premises after hours and at weekends (nurses have to call an ambulance to take the patient to a PUBLIC hospital if they deteriorate). Many private hospitals only employ casual nurses with low skills levels and very high nurse to patient ratios (e.g. 1 RN and 1 EN for 12 patients having chemotherapy). Private hospitals often operate without the normal infrastructure of public hospitals. Doctors and nurses are employed ‘on contract basis’ for their shift. Staff training, medical peer reviews, best practice documentation and monitoring of safety standards is rarely as well organised as it is in the public sector. Coroner’s reports have repeatedly criticised private hospitals for not having the facilities to safety care for complex/chronic patients. Private clinics and hospitals continue to push through high numbers of patients with sub optimum care e.g. no doctors present for patients who are recovering from an anaesthetic, including children. A 4 year report commissioned by Private Healthcare Australia on sub standard and over priced private hospitals was suppressed by lawyers citing ‘privacy laws’, and BOTH sides of parliament refused to assist the health insurance industry, in their desire to make this report public. No information is available in Australia on which doctor is under review or has limitations on his practice or which hospital has been mentioned in a Coroner’s report. A 4 Corners report recently showed a cocaine addicted neurosurgeon who was under review by the medical board and associated with at least 1 prostitutes death, being finally pushed out of public hospital practice and YES he continued to practice unimpeded in a private hospital. Some of his private patients are left with severe and lifelong disabilities from his errors. And NO, private hospitals will not be made more accountable.

    In short, the Australian private health experiment is a complete disaster. Rates of caesarians for women giving birth in private hospitals are soaring. Excessive and ridiculous pathology tests (full body CT with contrast, nuclear med bone scan, liver U/S) for private breast cancer patients is becoming the norm. Private health care just leads directly to the the USA disaster. Patients can’t ‘shop around’ and get the best deal. They have no access to information on cost and quality, like their USA cousins. They go into a corrupt system emotional, blind to cost and quality and powerless to get a decent deal.

    My advice to UK citizens? Fight privatised health care as hard as you can. The only people who profit is the insurance industry, private health companies, private medical specialists and the exploding pathology industry.

  3. Lenin Nightingale says:

    A brilliant description of private health care within the White Anglo- Saxon Protestant (WASP) countries, create a health care ‘market’ for American Corporations to exploit, and call the ensuing ‘slavery’ -‘freedom’.See this for further analysis

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