On Dr. Moreau’s Island, the creation of H.G. Wells, the shipwrecked Prendick discovers those who seem human but have a resemblance to pigs. The doctor explains that the ‘Beast Folk’ were not formerly human, but animals transformed into human-like form by vivisection, that were prone to revert to their animal form and behaviour.

Moreau justifies the pain he inflicts in the name of science.

When ‘Lepard Man’ reverts to animal behaviour, by devouring a rabbitt, Prendrick shoots him to spare him suffering more painful experimentation.

In a reverse of this scenario, in a Moreau-like horror story, we live today on the cusp of human destruction, through making humans the hosts of animal diseases; thus transforming them; this, in the name of science!

Humans are born with xenoreactive antibodies which react violently against cell from other animals, such as pigs. The organs infected become bloated and discoloured.

To overcome such natural barriers, scientists are engineering pigs to produce cells that are less toxic to humans.

They are also using baboons as recipients of pig skin, livers and hearts to assess their use in humans. The baboons are first dosed with immunosuppressants, such as cobra venom, but, because of toxicity, this approach is not as popular as using a combination of immunosuppressants, including steroids, although cobra venom is used when transplanting guinea pig hearts into rats.

Free all creatures from experimentation!

The frightening risk in all such experiments is that of transmitting infectious diseases. This risk occurs by transmitting infectious agents from nonhuman animals to humans, as on the cases of HIV, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and Ebola virus. Both known known and, perhaps more importantly, unknown infectious agents may spread to recipients and to their contacts so as to become a pandemic.

The level of immune suppression and/or rejection may activate latent pathogens, including viruses.

Transplanted organs may host organisms that are not pathogens in the native species but which cause disease in other species, such as the human recipient.

New animal-derived organisms may cause unrecognized clinical diseases in humans.

(Why is not this aspect of cross-species contamination headlined when stories of the genetic engineering of pigs on Chinese farms is covered (sparsely) in the main stream media?).

By these routes the transmission of infections to humans is a real epidemiological hazard. The failure to predict the potential of a disease in a host species when released into another species is a profound issue.

Like Frankenstein, some created diseases may walk the earth forever.

Who can predict the evolution of such as monkeypox virus, or simian hemorrhagic virus, when unleashed in humans?

Who can predict the evolution of retroviruses that embed themselves in human chromosomal DNA. The HIV pandemic was probably caused by the introduction of monkey viruses into humans, which then spread like wildfire through human-to-human infection.

Would not porcine retroviruses have a similarly devasting impact?

There is a collective risk.

Across species transplantation should not be driven by the commercial prospects of offering pig or monkey organs to sick people who can afford such treatment.

The elite will have new organs engineered from their own tissue.

It’s down to Animal Farm for the middle class.

Free all creatures from Moreau’s Island!

Combine with revolutionary hearts to this end!

lenin nightingale 2017

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If the Roman media had TV cameras they would have thrust them in the faces of Christians whose sons and daughters had just been fed to the lions.

They would have lingered on every sob and tear, and a sick public would have been fed their diet of high emotioal drama.

After every tragic event of modern times, the most recent being the London Toer Block tragedy; modern media sticks its microphones up the noses of the grieving, lingering on every sob and tear.

They are sick shits, but sicker shits watch on.

Stop this obsene exploitation of the grieving. Report the facts as journalists.

Ditch your obsene diet of grief-gawping.

Lenin2u 1917

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Large numbers of people in our society are forced to live on the margins of poverty.

This stands in shamful contrast to the extreme concentration of personal wealth.

One percent of the population own two thirds of the land – the real reason of expensive housing.

The top ten percent receive more income than the remaining 90 per cent.

The Tories’ contribution is to give tax cuts to rich individuals and international corporations, financed by cuts to public spending, under the old lie that wealth ‘trickles down’.

On top of broad inequalities are the disadvantages suffered by specific groups, ethnic minorities, the disabled; those forced to accept zero-hour jobs.

In all fields there is a pressing need for a fairer distribution of resources, and a clearer sense of direction toward a just society for all, not the few.


l.n. 2017

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starving-baby-yemenStarving baby in Yemen

Russia is to blame for “every civilian death” in the chemical weapons attack last week in Syria, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has claimed.

Sir Michael, writing in the Sunday Times, said the Kremlin was responsible “by proxy” as the “principal backer” of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

By similar assumption, is not the British government responsible “by proxy” for the countless and scarcely reported deaths of those Houthis (Shia Muslim) in Yemen that are being murdered by Saudi (Sunni Muslim) aircraft and cluster bombs bought from a “principal backer”, the Uk? Was not the Uk government also responsible for countless murders in Iraq of innocent men, women, and children, as “principal backer” of the American oil-grabbing regime?

Mr. Trump, where were such words as yours when babies were dying by the tens of thousands in Iraq?, as RAF and American jets enforced an embargo which denied them antibiotics. They, too, died in their weeping mother’s arms. They, too, deserved your words: “No child of God should ever suffer such horror”. Or perhaps Yemeni and Iraqui (Shia Muslim) children are not so deserving; your tears only being reserved for the children of those that America and its lap-dog coalition partners (read puppets) support.

The supremely hypocritical, American-written script read out by the UK Defence Secretary is an example of intellectual diarrhoa that gushes past the brains of those espousing it.

The Uk sells aircraft and cluster bombs to the Saudis on the pretext that “the counter-terrorism links we have with Saudi Arabia, the intelligence we get from Saudi Arabia, has saved potentially hundreds of lives here in the UK.” (Theresa May, Prime Minister’s Questions). In the same debate, the UK P.M. called the Saudis murderous war in Yemen an “intervention”, and it was justified in that it was “a UN-backed intervention.”

How comforting to the grieving parents of the Yemen that their children have been murdered by an “intervention”, and that the UN (read America) sanctioned it.

What, then, of the American (powder-puff) bombing of a Syrian airfield?

It did not have UN approval, so, Mrs. May, was it not justified?

Was it nothing more than Donald Trump seemingly putting distance between himself and the Russians, in response to a Senate enquiry probing the closeness of such links? (They probably have compromising photos of him taken in a Moscow hotel).

The Saudis execute prominent Shias, such as the cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, accusing them of “terrorism”.

The Saudis decapitated, near a public road, a woman convicted of killing her stepdaughter, as she screamed, ‘I did not do it’.

The Saudis are pushing for harsher punishments on homosexuals and could even sentence gays to death.

How can the Uk, with any vestige of conscience, suck up to this most foul of totalitarian regimes?

Simple. Under David Cameron, the Uk sold the Saudis £5.6bn of arms

The government of Theresa May, seeks to increase sales.

There are hypocrites, and there are damned hypocrits, and there is even a class of hypocrit beyond these measures, and in that sublime level of weasel-worded hypocrit lives a class of people that are euphemistically given the title of politicians; a species of immoral detritus.
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“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes” (John Swinton, Chief of Staff, New York Times, at New York Press Club, 1953).

“The media in the United States effectively represents the interests of corporate America, and … the media elite are the watchdogs of what constitutes acceptable ideological messages, the parameters of news and information content, and the general use of media resources” (Peter Phillips, Project Censored, 1998).

“The owners of the Washington Post long ago acknowledged that the Post is the government’s voice to the people. In 1981, Katherine Graham, who owns the Post and Newsweek announced that her editors would “cooperate with the national security interests”. National security in this context means CIA (John Stockwell, former CIA official and author).


Steven MacMillan wrote (http://journal-neo.org/2014) –

“The (BBC’S) coverage of the Crimean vote (has) been widely condemned, as the organisation attempted to brand the referendum as illegal and peddle the lie that the majority of the people did not vote to rejoin Russia, despite the evidence suggesting otherwise. Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, economist and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts, wrote in his response to these distorted reports by the London broadcaster.”

“The BBC has totally discredited itself as a news organization and revealed itself as an organ of Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda. The BBC has made itself totally unreliable. No informed person will ever again believe a BBC report … The BBC might as well be abolished.”

“The BBC incessantly peddles Anglo-American propaganda under the auspices of objective and impartial reporting, distorting the truth of numerous conflicts and world news stories for the benefit of the Western elite. Independent media is the only antidote to this monolithic propaganda network, and boycotting the broadcaster is the only way to be free from BBC bias.”

It is a game of mathematics. Clever people persuade 51% of the less clever to believe their lies, and to think that they are engaging in a process of democracy.

Boycott the BBC.

Boycott politicians.

Rule for the people by the people.

lenin nightingale 2017

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The Personal Services/Care Contract is an employment contract entered into between the elder care receiver and typically the adult child care giver. The contract specifies the term of the contract, the services to be provided, the rate of pay, and how the rate of pay is established and paid.

The goal is to transfer funds to a family member so the funds will be available to provide services above and beyond those provided by Medicaid without incurring a Medicaid eligibility transfer penalty. Once the money is transferred to the adult care giver it is free and clear of Medicaid and may be used for any purpose desired by the adult-child employee.

This, of course, brings up the issue of whether this is a good idea to begin with or not. Transferring money to adult children is usually done with the best of intentions … and most adult children I have encountered do have their parent’s best interest at heart. The problem is that this is not always the case and if the child decides to they may use the money on a  cruise instead of taking care of mom or dad. Moreover, things do happen that are out our control … divorce, accidents, etc. where funds could now be exposed to the claims of creditors. Therefore, when establishing these arrangements it may be helpful to place the funds received in a trust or to use an immediate annuity as the payment vehicle.

With respect to income taxes, yes, the recipient is obligated to pay ordinary income tax and FICA. The employer-parent is also responsible for FICA and FUTA. It is difficult to claim independent contractor status when providing services to only one individual.

Put bluntly – take care of mother or we will steal her  house.


lenin nightingale 2017

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The secret UK plan for benefits – copied from America, like everything else.

Applicants will have to establish a sufficient and recent work history to qualify for benefits.

A credit system will determine benefit eligibility.

One credit for every £1000 of wages or self-employment income received. An annual income of £4000 satisfies the full credit requirements for one year.

Applicants will need between 20 and 40 credits, or between five and 10 full years of work to qualify for benefits. No work history, no benefits.

The number of total required credits scales by age, with workers aged 31 to 42 needing at least 20 credits; those aged 43 to 62 needing one additional credit for every year of age; and those aged 62 and older needing 40 credits.

If  disabled before the age of 31, these individuals need an amount of credits equal to the difference of their age at the onset of disability and 21, times two. For example, if a worker becomes disabled at age 28, he needs 14 credits ([28 – 21] to qualify for disability benefits.

Disability Determination. If an applicant satisfies the work history requirement for disability payments, he then enters the five-step disability-determination process to ascertain if he is eligible to receive benefits. (Sounds like something from Kill Bill!).

To meet the statutory definition of disability, the applicant “must not be able to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of a medically-determinable physical or mental impairment(s) that is expected to result in death, or that has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months. (Not long term = no benefit; send people on “courses” to make sure they can “engage in any substantial gainful activity”, zero-hour toilet cleaning, etc.).

The initial claim is processed by regional Disability Determination Services (DDS) offices that are located in every County. DDS = Disqualify Disabled Service.

There will be five questions to ascertain eligibility:

1. Is the applicant currently participating in substantial gainful activity (SGA)?
The main component of the disability determination is that the impairment must be severe enough to prevent the applicant from “participating in substantial gainful activity”; in plain terms, applicants need to demonstrate that they are unable to support themselves through their own work efforts; i.e. by not making enough selling “The Big Issue”.

2. Is the applicant’s condition “severe”? Applicants must show that their condition interferes significantly with their ability to carry out basic work activities. The Code of Federal Regulations defines basic work activities as “the abilities and aptitudes necessary to do most jobs,” which include “physical functions such as walking, standing, sitting, lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, carrying, or handling,” or “capacities for seeing, hearing, and speaking,” in addition to “understanding, carrying out, and remembering simple instructions,” among other things. Got blown up in a “regime change war”, no excuse!

They will use medical evidence provided by the applicant to make this determination. If insufficient evidence is provided, THE MACHINE may arrange a consultative examination with the applicant’s primary source of treatment or an independent party. If DDS finds that the applicant’s condition does not interfere with his ability to carry out basic work activities, his claim is denied. Otherwise, the application is moved to step 3. THE MACHINE will appoint their own doctors, who will have “targets” of disqualifying 8 out of 10 claimants in order to receive their bonus.

3. Is the applicant’s condition found in the list of disabling conditions? THE MACHINE WILL HAVE a list of medical conditions that automatically qualify an individual as disabled. This will cover all of the major organ systems of the body and will includes guidelines for evaluating the severity of the condition. If THE MACHINE finds that the applicant’s condition is on the list or is equally severe to a medical condition on the list, his claim is approved. Otherwise, the application is moved to step 4. Has your heart stopped beating? Can your liver take one more sip of alcohol? Have you recovered from your last brain op?

4. Can the applicant do the work he did before? At this point, THE MACHINE will evaluate the applicant’s ability to do work he had previously done. The applicant will be required to provide all job titles held in the past 15 years and relevant information about these positions, including duties, hours, skill requirements, physical and mental activities, and whether the applicant’s medical condition necessitated changes in his work environment. If THE MACHINE finds that the applicant is capable of doing work as he previously did, or in the manner that it is done in the general economy, the application will be denied. Otherwise, it will move to the final step. No escape for old nurses, then! At least when assisting a 95 year old on to a commode, they will be able to swop stories about their mutual “good old days”, dementia allowing.

5. Can the applicant do any other type of work? Finally, THE MACHINE will evaluate the applicant’s ability to perform other work that exists in the economy. Here, THE MACHINE will consider not only the applicant’s past job experience, but also his education, vocational training, and age. Factors that would severely limit an individual’s ability to find other work include illiteracy, poor English skills, and old age. THE MACHINE WILL USE several tables of rules to make this final determination of disability. If the applicant is found unable to perform other work in the economy, his application will be approved; otherwise, he should not be considered disabled for Social Security purposes. 95 and can polish shoes? Oh, THE MACHINE has just the job for you!

The Appeals Process. THE MACHINE will only approved 20 percent of all initial applications, subject to severe and continuous review. Those who are denied in the initial process or lose eligibility through a review will be able to submit a request for an appeal within 60 days of the decision. Applicants who would otherwise lose their benefits can opt to continue them, but they face the risk of having to pay back those benefits if their appeal is unsuccessful. There will be two potential stages of the appeals process:

1. Reconsideration. Submit new medical evidence – I died last week, but they brought me back for more!
2. Hearing by a judge. This will cost if you do not win!, and you will not!

And the digits in computers that THE MACHINE calls money and rations is just a means to control the masses by showing them what they can do to the sick and vulnerable, like a cat playing with a mouse.



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